Walker Road: 610-995-0151 |  Wayne Ave: 610-744-2700

Walker: 610-995-0151 |  Wayne: 610-744-2700

Toddler Program

We recognize that toddlers are seeking independence and trying to do more things on their own, so we create an environment that encourages exploration, independence and provide an atmosphere where they can feel a sense of achievement.

Language Skills

From the time children utter their first words around 12 months, until they are about 3 years old, children learn words and how to put them together at an astounding rate. Their language-learning is supported by our caring and responsive staff, as well as the parents, by talking to them, labeling, describing experiences and objects, and engaging them in conversations.


We foster a love for books by reading to the children and showing them pictures of objects they see every day.

Developmental Skills

We focus on gross motor skills such as jumping, hopping and skipping. We love to sing songs and dance to encourage music and movement. This is an important age in learning to share, develop social skills, and use self help skills. Through routines and encouragement, these skills are achieved. We explore spatial concepts, shapes, sorting and classifying, all while having fun!