Walker Road: 610-995-0151 |  Wayne Ave: 610-744-2700

Walker: 610-995-0151 |  Wayne: 610-744-2700

Preschool Program

Preschoolers are learning to gain independence and self-control. They are also learning to take initiative and assert themselves. They have become keen observers and like to experiment with their surroundings.

Developmental Skills

We encourage and help our children achieve a sense of self, and be empathetic of others by teaching them how to get along with each other and taking turns. The teachers work on logic, problem solving, and thinking symbolically with the Preschoolers. Fine motor control is encouraged by manipulating small objects, such as scissors and writing tools.

Gross Motor Skills

In order to continuously improve gross motor skills, we practice balancing, skipping, running, throwing and catching.


At age 3, we focus on writing skills, such as letter formation. We practice sight words and recognizing our name in writing. In our Honors Preschool Program, ages 4 and 5, your child will learn how to write their name, recognize letters, and build a list of sight words. They expand their vocabulary by listening to stories and communicating with their friends by talking about observations.


We focus on math concepts such as measuring, weighing, sorting, counting and matching.